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Why ?
  • Print from computers, smart phones and tablets
  • Black & white and color printing available
  • Integrate with campus cards
  • Hassle-free guest printing
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Consumables provided
  • Unique status page for individual schools
  • Easy log in at any print station
How Does Work?
  • Log In and install " Print App" and upload documents from your personal computer
  • Upload documents at
  • Upload documents from your Apple® and Android® phone or tablet
  • Use a USB drive directly at the print station
  • Swipe campus card or tagged magnetic card to log in
  • Select files from your account
  • Pay and print: campus card, wepa account, wepa print card and credit/debit card (PCI compliant) are all acceptable forms of payment

Upload your documents directly to your wepa account and print them off at any wepa print station.

How to Download the Print App

  • Log In
  • Select the "Download Print App" icon
  • Choose either the PC version or MAC version and click "Download"

How to use the Print App:

  • Open the document on your computer
  • Choose "File>Print"
  • Select either "wepa Black/White" or "wepa Color"
  • Click "Print"
  1. Log in to
  2. In the Members Area, click the "Web Upload" icon
  3. Click "Choose File" to browse and select your file
  4. Set the print options as desired
  5. Click "Send to wepa"

Install the " Print App"

On Android, tap "Select File" and pick your file

  1. Set the print options as desired
  2. Tap "Send to wepa"

On iOS, sign in to the Print App

  1. From another app, use "Open With" to open a file with the Print App
  2. Set the print options as desired
  3. Tap "Send to wepa"
  1. At any wepa print station, tap "Print From USB"
  2. Insert your USB drive
  3. Browse and select files to print and set the print options as desired
  4. Tap a payment button to release your documents
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